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People Who Love Thailand

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I love thailand.

There are so many other places in the world that I can be. But I have chosen to not only stay here but to be here. As a child my parents moved from place to place, causing a difficult childhood.  I have never lived anywhere longer than 2 years before the age of 23. (Correction, I lived I Hong Kong for 3 years.)  Thailand is my home. My looks alone blend me right in.  I love the crazy wild west feelings I get when I go downtown. I love the food. I love the colorful people.   Don't get me wrong. This place does have some huge flaws.  But with the right attitude, wit, and charm, you can get away with almost anything. :)

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  1. You're from Thailand? Cool! I've never been to Asia, but I'd really like to visit those places some day, Thailand included. How's it living there? Maybe make some photos and describe people living there? What city are you living in?