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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Secret Thai Recipies (First finding a list.)

I love Thai food.  So the first thing on my list of all great things here in Thailand MUST be its food.  I have looked around and find that Wiki had a pretty extensive list. Come on, name me one Thai dish that you don't enjoy?  (Actually, I am sure I can name a few.)  But what is the real secret of food they make here? Why is it that when i put that Pad Thai in my mouth, I seem to crave only more?  Its not just the spices that you put in. Its the blend of flavors.  In almost all thai dishes there is a blend of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and spice.  Over the next few day I will focus on the elements in the Thai food. 

First off, let me make it very clear about something.  Its called "fishsauce". Westerners hate it. It stinks. I don't blame you. I tea spoon if that stuff would make anyones stomach hurl.  Now, try taking a equal portion of fish sauce, sugar, lime, and/or maybe some peppers. Now its quite palatable.   This is the basics or i dare say the foundations of your favorite Thai dish.


  1. Wow great work! Look forward to the next recipes. Hit me back!
    P.S.: turn off captcha!

  2. Awesome. Next time I get to cook I'll try some of this. If I can find a complete recipe, of course.

    I'm following.

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  3. Interesting, I think I've never eaten any of Thai food, maybe you will post photos of some of them?

  4. My family is from thailand. Fish sauce is delicious....

  5. I went to a Thai place here in Illinois once. They played smooth jazz versions of Beatles songs over the ceiling speakers. I assumed they don't really do that in Thailand.

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